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Pine Cone Frolic


Course and GPX

Map and Cue Sheets

Support Crew info and directions to Aid Station

Race Rules


The 45 mile Pine Cone Frolic will be the only course to allow EBikes.  The E-Bike is a non-competitive class and will be incorporated into the Pine Cone Frolic (same rules, same start time, same course, etc). Read below for all information.

The Pine Cone Frolic:  

This ride is all about the fun and challenge of just finishing, and is intended to be a non-competitive ride.  Yeah sorry, no overall awards in this one.   In this distance we give you much more time to finish the ride, with a generous 5mph average (due to the amount of climbing) needed to make the first aid station.  


Race start: Spearfish City Park at 7:00 am. The start is a 4 mile, neutral roll-out, with an escort out of town.  If you miss the escort or get behind, you will need the GPX to navigate your way out of town.


Aid Station mile 20:  Cut off 11am.  Food, Water and Heed sports drink!  You must leave the aid station by the 11am cut off time.  Aid station will be closed at cut-off.

Support Crew: It is highly suggested that all riders have a support person for the event.  Your support person is there to come and get you off the course should you break down, get injured, or just need a ride back to the finish area.

If you do not have a support person we will have a SAG driver and some on course patrol drivers that will be able to assist you for a small fee, if you need a ride back to the start.  You must purchase the staff support during registration.  Keep in mind, the fastest way to get back to town is by having your own support person.  If you don't you may be out on course for a period of time before we are able to give you a lift back to town.

Remember, your support person is not allowed to drive the course!  We don't want a bunch of vehicles out there kicking up dust and interfering with other riders.  Your support person is only allowed to meet you at the Aid station on Iron Creek Lake/Beaver creek road.  This is a good spot for them to check up on you and make sure you are good to continue your ride! Directions for your support crew to the first aid station may be printed from the link at the top of this page.

Navigation: Intersections will be marked on the course, but riders should not rely solely on course markers as these can be removed by people animals or weather!  We highly suggest downloading the GPX as a back up.

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